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Unmuting Women’s Voices - Kat Armas

Source: Christianity Today

Author and podcast host Kat Armas is amplifying the stories of women on the margins and helping the church recognize their value.



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What if some of our greatest theologians are the last people we’d consider theologians? This is the riveting question posed by author Kat Armas in her new book, Abuelita Faith. A second-generation Cuban American who grew up on the outskirts of Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, Kat’s earliest theological formation came from her grandmother—her abuelita—who fled Cuba during the height of political unrest and raised three children alone after her husband’s death. In her grandmother’s life, Kat discovered a bold expression of faith that has challenged, motivated, and inspired her in her own spiritual journey. Today as a writer, speaker, and podcaster, Kat shows us how voices from the margins—those often dismissed because of their gender, race, socioeconomic status, or lack of education—have more to teach us about following God than we realize.

In this episode, Heather and Kat discuss everyday theologians, the power of our family stories, and what we can learn from women in the Bible about survival, strength, and resilience. You will see quickly why Kat is one of Heather’s favorite social media follows. Find her at and on Twitter @kat_armas.

Also, in our #GrowingViral segment, meet Raquel Mentor. Raquel is a social media manager who helps people, churches, and brands share their value with online audiences. You can find Raquel active on Instagram @thementorlife and on Twitter @raqueljmentor.

Reach out to Heather Thompson Day on Twitter @HeatherTDay and Instagram @heatherthompsonday.

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