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The Listening Channel - Justin Khoe

Source: Christianity Today

Justin Khoe turned his passion for YouTube into a way for people outside the church to feel valued and heard.


AUGUST 12, 2021

Listen Here

This week, Heather introduces you to her good friend Justin Khoe. Justin is a church consultant and a self-taught video whiz who now has over 116,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. With series like “I’m Listening,” where he sits down with people who hold various opposing views and simply listens, Justin is turning YouTube into a spiritual laboratory for curiosity and understanding.

In this episode, Heather and Justin discuss what it really means to be passionate about your calling, how to engage your critics, and things every content creator should know before they start creating. In addition to YouTube, Justin is active on Twitter @jkhoe and has launched a rapidly growing TikTok presence.

Also, in the #GrowingViral segment, you’ll meet Benjamin Young. Heather and Benjamin discuss his podcast, Guard the Gift, and how his passions for ministry and education intersect. You can find Benjamin active on Twitter @BJYoung1990.

Reach out to Heather Thompson Day on Twitter @HeatherTDay and Instagram @heatherthompsonday.

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Host and creator: Heather Thompson Day

Producer: Loren Joseph

Executive Producer: Ed Gilbreath

Director of CT Podcasts: Mike Cosper

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