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Sarah Bessey: Keeping the ‘Social’ in Social Media

Source: Christianity Today

When Christian writer Sarah Bessey’s Twitter account was unexpectedly erased, she rediscovered the value of her online community.


FEBRUARY 3, 2022

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In this episode, Heather talks to Canadian Christian writer Sarah Bessey about public platforms, human connections, and embodying the fruit of the Spirit. As the author of such bestselling books as Jesus Feminist and A Rhythm of Prayer, Sarah had built a vibrant community of over 88,000 people on Twitter. But last year she was forced to start over from scratch when her account was unexpectedly deleted. Today she has less than half her previous followers, but she’s steadily rebuilding. Most importantly, she’s learned that, even though they may have disappeared from her profile page, her community never left.

Sarah’s journey reminds us that social media is always, first and foremost, a social network. You can’t build followers without building relationships. Sarah’s social media setback will help you get back to the basics of what really matters: our connection to each other.

Reach out to Heather at, on Twitter @HeatherTDay, and on Instagram @heatherthompsonday.

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