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Erin Moon: Spanx, Bible Binges, and the Beauty of Instagram Community

Source: Christianity Today

Meet Erin Hicks Moon—a Bible scholar, podcaster, and social media whiz who wants to help the church be kinder and more curious.


OCTOBER 14, 2021

Listen Here

This week, Heather is joined by Erin Hicks Moon. Erin is the resident Bible scholar on The Bible Binge podcast, host of the Faith Adjacent podcast, and the senior creative for the Popcast Media Group.

Erin discusses her amazing journey in building authentic connections with thousands of women on Instagram using her honest humor and wisdom. She spills her trade secrets on growing an Instagram community and offers tips on how to not just use Instagram as a tool for yourself but to empower those around you to feel seen, heard, and known. You can find Erin on Instagram @erinhmoon.

Also, in this week’s #GrowingViral segment, you’ll meet Benjamin Lundquist, host of the Rise and Lead podcast, where he shares rich practical insights and guest content to help listeners learn what makes great leaders great. Find Benjamin on Twitter @Benjaminlund and Instagram @benjaminlundquist.

Reach out to Heather at, on Twitter @HeatherTDay, and on Instagram @heatherthompsonday.

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Producer: Loren Joseph

Executive Producer: Ed Gilbreath

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