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Autographed Copy of I'll See You Tomorrow (US Only)

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In a culture where people easily and hastily cancel relationships rather than cultivate them, discover what the Bible has to say about how we need to keep showing up for one another—even when we feel like walking away.

We are surrounded by choices. If we want to watch a movie, we have multiple platforms we can choose from. If we grow tired of a friend or conversation, we leave them on read. It's never been easier to tune out and make a switch when something doesn't go perfectly or when we are offended. It's easy to cancel something from our lives when it comes to technology, television shows, or choices of food and drinks. But what about canceling friends or family members when we are disappointed or offended by them?

In I'll See You Tomorrow, communication professor Dr. Heather Thompson Day and Seth Day tackle difficulties that people face in relationships and help them navigate through relational disappointment, conflict, and fear. The dangers of a relational cancel culture are a timely one. This book will help you:

  • learn to extend grace to yourself and your loved ones in order to forgive and keep showing up,
  • discover how childhood trauma continues to affect your relationships,
  • stop waiting for an ideal and refuse to let it prevent you from what's possible,
  • recognize the value of a healthy (and small) circle rather than a large one, and refuse to let fear of what may or may not happen cause you to miss the beauty of what is.

Blending personal stories with data and research in a way that inspires truth and helps people change their everyday mindsets, Heather and Seth encourage you to embrace this valuable truth: relationships don't have to be perfect to be fulfilling.

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