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These days agnostics are considered open-minded, atheists are considered scientific, Buddhists are philosophical—and Christians, well, they’re just considered fools.

With so many myths and lies about God and Christianity out there, it’s easy for young adults to start questioning the relevance and certainty of their beliefs.

If you feel as if a skeptical world is assaulting your faith, you are not left defenseless. In The God Myth and Other Lies Heather Thompson Day provides clear, well-documented responses to the most common falsehoods.

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Sin devoured a once-perfect Eden, and the light that God originally spoke into existence has grown dimmer ever since. In the aftermath we, who were once robed in the glory of God, are left naked. 

It's dark and it's cold; we fumble around seeking warmth and light. Botox? Alcohol? Anxiety and depression medication? Surely one of these will brighten our days. 

Despite our nakedness, there is one truth we must hold on to until the midnight hour when Jesus returns. The echo of God's voice in Eden can still be heard today. In the midst of darkness, "let there be light!" He is still with us, and He calls each one to literally be His light to a fallen world. As you read these devotions, it is the authors' prayer that you will stand firm in the beams of heaven's light--that you will find purpose and meaning in Life After Eden. 

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